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Top 10 Cute Dog & Cat sites That Make You Go AWWW - Only the Cutest Puppies and Funniest Kittens.Are you a Dog or a Cat person? Whatever your answer is, if you read these lines you probabbly love pets as much as we do, and cute puppies or adorable kittens pictures make your day. On this top 10 cute Dogs and Cats list you will find only the best of the funniest, cutest and generally AWWWable sites, that are dedicated to the unconditional love we all share for cute animals.

Cute Puppies can Lead to Beautiful Friendships!

A while ago A Place To Love Dogs was featured as a weekly fave here at All My Faves. A couple of days later we received an email from the site’s creator, Nathan Mondrowitz, who turned out to be an amazing person with extensive knowledge about the online world of pets. Immediately a strong friendship was formed between us and him. We asked Nathan if we can use his knowledge to refresh our Pets HomePage and he came up with this guest blog idea, needless to say we were thrilled. This is Nathan’s Top 10 list of the best pets websites, on it you will find the cutest puppies, the most adorable kittens and generally the best sites that will make you go AWWW…

All My Faves Pets Homepage - Only the Cutest and Funniest pets sites that will make you go AWWW...

This article represents a personal view on one small part on the pet site world. In Our Pets Homepage we present a greater range of the delightful, useful and important aspects of the pet world on the web. If you’re new to the pet space online it’s a great place to save time in finding some great quality sites. And if you’re already familiar with this area we hope we have some nice surprise gems waiting there for you.

Petfinder - An important force for rescue and adoption in the pet world.1. Adopt a Pet: Petfinder

The site that many other sites refer people to for adoption is Petfinder. They are an important force for rescue and adoption in the pet world. While we concentrate on our own daily mission of giving people a few moments of relaxation and joy, we feel it’s important to support those wonderful people who daily do the work of easing the plight of the unfortunate.

Step forward: Open your heart and your home and adopt a cute homeless pet now!

Life with Dogs - is an amazing site for massive amounts of news about dogs.2. Dog News & Stories: Life With Dogs

With 650 thousand followers on its Facebook page, is an amazing site for massive amounts of news about dogs. As someone who specialize in cute items, I always try to keep up with the latest news stories and present them well, and I know first hand how much time and effort it involves — This is why I am just amazed at how much Neil on has been able to accomplish.

Check Life With Dogs out for your current pet news.

Underwater Dog Photos by Seth Casteel - Amazing underwater photos of dogs plunging into pools3. Underwater Dog Photos: Seth Casteel

The photographer, Seth Casteel, has done a wide variety of excellent photography for some time – but when he did these surprising amazing underwater photos of dogs plunging into pools, he took the photography and media world by storm. The series is simultaneously provocative, alarming, energetic, delightful and beautiful.

This amazing photographer’s portfolio is full of pure canine joy moments, dive in and join your best friends underwater!

Stunning Photos of Humans Bonding With Animals - Gregory Colbert4. Bonding With Animals: Gregory Colbert

These photos go beyond anything else I’ve seen in their beauty and emotion showing relations between humans and various animals. There is something profoundly engaging and moving about photography that uses such exquisite technical and aesthetic proficiency while exposing so clearly the author’s emotions about the subjects. The result is one of the best examples I’ve ever seen combining the profoundly specific and universal.

Take a deep breath and get ready to feast for your eyes!

Dog Milk – Because my dog deserves to live in style!5. For the Stylish Pooch: Dog Milk

I can only marvel at the focus and purity of Dog Milk. From a pure modern design perspective Jaime Derringer, from design-milkbrings us the most luscious, high quality, well-designed dog products in the world. I also know from chatting with her how serious she is about helping small excellent design companies become successful and better known. It’s a great resource in finding products for your dog, and also a delight to view for those interested in design.

You spend hundreds of dollars buying brands to style yourself, your best friend deserves the same.

Dog Shaming - Supply your favorite furry friends with a healthy dose of shaming.6. Comic Relief: Dog Shaming

This is very funny but would have to come under the category of a guilty pleasure for me. It might seem a bit harsh to some, but I think there is love and a gentle humor underlying most of it. Just like the infamous and popular and, this is a great populist concept that took off immediately and shows no signs of slowing down.

Join the walk of shame of our best friends after they are busted!

The Pet Collective - The Premier Destination for Exciting Pet Content.7. Pet Videos: The Pet Collective

These guys have really taken on the task of fun pet content with verve and energy. Lots of material here with an emphasis on quality and joy. It’s no surprise that their YouTube Channel has almost 160k subscribers because their staff works hard to come up with endlessly inventive videos and you can’t help but be intrigued every time you check in on them. You should also check their amazing live animal videos and read their awesome blog.

If you haven’t seen any of The Pet Collective’s videos yet, now is a great time to start.

8. A Place To Love Dogs on InstagramA Place To Love Dogs on Instagram - An amazing display of the love people have for their dogs and great cute photos.

Admittedly I am biased since this is our own home on Instagram, but with over 63k followers and content exclusively drawn from Instagram users on a daily basis this is an amazing display of the love people have for their dogs and great cute photos. We first started on Instagram by showing this community cute photos from our main site. But everyone in the community is a photographer and soon many began submitting photos to us using the hashtag #aplacetolovedogs on their photos.

Guaranteed 5 minutes of pure joy on any given day.

Cutest Paw - This site, using a Pinterest type interface, really covers the entire cute animal photo field admirably.9. Cute Pinterest: Cutest Paw

Enormous amounts of photos of dogs, cats, rabbits, squirrels, sheep, chickens… well you get the idea. This site, using a Pinterest type interface, really covers the entire cute animal photo field admirably. You can either scroll through an endless feed of all cute pictures that were pined or search by category in case you have a special love for Hedgehogs, Otters, Alpacas or any other kind of cute animal.

They say you are never too old to enjoy a cute animal picture… Well, here is where you can!

Zoo Borns is in turns touching, funny, intriguing and unbearably cute.10. What The Stork Brought: Zoo Borns

This site showing a wide range of animals with babies and has great content and photos. It is in turns touching, funny, intriguing and unbearably cute. Just now I took a look at the site and the current item is an article with several lovely photos of a mother and baby Rhino—sooooo sweet! The photos are accompanied by short blog posts about the scenario we are witnessing and the whole blog make you feel like you are right next to the sweet, beautiful little angels.

Get your AWWWs on stand-by and check it out.

A few Words About Me and All My Faves…

A while ago I noticed traffic coming to our dog loving blog from All My Faves. I went to the site to investigate and as soon as I landed I was delighted by the fresh colorful look of the front page. Rows and rows of beautiful logos from carefully chosen sites from around the web. I thought to myself how brilliant a design decision it was to use these delightful graphic logos that the originating sites had poured enormous intense work into creating. I soon realized that we had be given the privilege of appearing as a weekly fave. Later on I found that a supporting article had been written about us as well—one of surprising depth and quality.

All My Faves Pets Homepage - Only the Cutest and Funniest pets sites that will make you go AWWW...

I contacted the owners of the site to express my thanks and as we began a dialogue I discovered that the people behind this site were of surprising depth and quality as well. I was asked if I would like to contribute to the site by editing the pet section—I jumped at the chance to be involved in this lively site.

As I worked on compiling the research on one of the All My Faves user accounts I uncovered more and more content and capabilities that exist underneath this simple elegant interface. I also began to realize the great potential for this as a tool for research and for presenting a guide or viewpoint on any topic. It’s also ideal for offering a personal tour and perspective into any single site.
Hey, check out our All My Faves page for an overview guide to A Place To Love Dogs

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Nathan Mondrowitz, along with partner Shelley Mamott, runs A Place To Love Dogs. The main website and it’s many social media outlets are filled with cute, touching, informative and inspiring photos, stories and videos about – you guessed it – dogs!

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