Top 50 Hottest Amazon Deals: Black Friday 2012

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Air filled with cinnamon, hands balancing gingerbread lattes, and most importantly, it’s BLACK FRIDAY TIME! We’ve created this gift guide as your perfect tool to navigate Amazon’s myriad of incredible deals… Check out the absolute hottest around right here.

 1. Best Gifts for Her:

What some of our loved ones believe is the most difficult person to shop for, women just want to have it all-something pretty, fun, and practical.

Whether she has been wearing makeup for four decades or is learning the difference between concealer and foundation, Bare Escentuals is perfect for beautiful, glowing skin. This “Get Started Kit” has everything a girl needs to leave the house with a fresh face. Choose the skin tone color and save 11% off for only $53.

For the working woman, the Kate Spade New York Gold Coast Marryanne is the tote that does it all. It can hold everything under the sun and is a classically, pretty purse at the same time. This bag easily goes from 9-5 to nighttime and is $100 off, for $378 this week.

The classic Michael Kors Chronograph Tortoise watch is the perfect accessory for any modern woman. Stylish, not too chunky, and 32% off makes for a perfect gift. Get it marked down from $250 to $169 today.


Every woman loves being comfortable, while fashionable and sleeping is certainly no exception. This sleek black pajama set is a bargain at $34 from Frederick’s of Hollywood. 

*Stocking Stuffer*

Looking for the woman who has it all? Butter London has a two piece nail polish set for $25 for the perfect stocking stuffer.


2. Best Gifts for Him:

Buying for the men in our lives is sometimes harder than expected. When their closet is bursting full of ties and kitchens full of gourmet beef jerky, it may seem that they have everything they want. This season you are in luck with the likes of everything for your brother, son, father, or husband.

This espresso cappuccino maker is perfect for the man on the run. If his new year’s resolution is to stop buying from Starbucks everyday, help him out with this easy to use espresso maker. If he’s looking for some froth on the cappuccino Mr.Coffee will help him out and is 30% off this Friday for only $70.

Ladies, many of us have been the victims of “I know where I’m going honey” syndrome…which in turn means we may get lost. A beautiful, new GPS ensures he is always right, and you are never lost. With over 7 million points of interest and real time traffic detection this is the perfect gift for those guys who like road trips (and occasionally get lost). Our go to GPS, TomTom XXL 540 TM is being marked down from $199 to $124 this week.


For our stylish men, a classic pair of sunglasses is always in style. The classic Wayfarer Ray-Ban sunglasses come in a range of colors from striking orange tortoise shell, and go-to black. Protect his eyes and your wallets with a 39% saving for only $76.



Whether it’s your son who needs to stop using his iPhone as a watch or your boyfriend who is looking for a more wearable style, a new leather watch could be just what he needs. This Tissot Chronograph Dial watch has a black leather strap and a stainless steel case. It’s a steal at $274 marked down from $450.

*Stocking Stuffer*

Throw in this Swiss Utili-key 6 in 1 chain for $8 for the man who needs a bottle opener tools.

3. Best Gifts for Kids & Teens:

For the little rugrats and teens in your life your gifts should be filled with fun and some of the year’s biggest movies!

Boys and girls alike loved this year’s Disney Pixar movie, Brave. For the girls a Brave story giftset includes their favorite characters and different outfits to mix and match. For the whole family the Brave three disc edition on Blu-ray is 50% off for only $19.99

Is your daughter or niece  the next Giada de Laurentiis?  Let her explore the kitchen with the Vintage Kitchen for 26% off. Get the all inclusive kitchen for your little girl at $139 today.

For the Katniss and Peta lovers, The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxed set is the perfect gift. Marked down 45% at $29.82 they will love every last page.


The Hot Wheels Stunt Ramp builder is an absolute must have a for the little boy with  a love of cars. The set includes bricks, sticks, flags, ramps, and more. Marked down to $28 from $44 this set is a steal.

For the future pilot or electronics lover take things to a higher level, literally, with this Syma Helicopter. The best part is no assembly required-this helicopter is ready to go! Marked down from $129 to $23 you might as well get one in every color.

Headphones are all the rage whether it’s for the iPhone or the latest Nano. Check out the JBuds J5 Metal Earbuds headphones that range in colors from Blue steel to plum purple. Marked down 50% they’re now $29.


*Stocking stuffers*

For the boy who just needs more cars for the set (above) get him a 5 pack of Hot Wheels for $8. For girls of all ages this Cupcake Couture Dessert Lipgloss party set is so cute, I may even get a set for $11.

4. For the Techie/Geek:

We love our friends who always have the latest gadget and are telling you which apps are the best this week. For your loved ones who are looking for the next best device check out this list that is every techie’s dream.

The HP Envy 6-101 is light, the battery life lasts and even has a light for your keyboard when you’re in dark places. The envy is perfect for the student who is walking from class to class, but the screen is big enough to watch those online lectures! 

Speakers are always a hot commodity for our tech loving friends. The latest iHome iP16GVC plays your music, alarm, and even charges your phone while connected. Get 25% off for the newest iHome at $44.

The HTC One is another Android device, and definitely the next best thing. With an 8 megapixel camera, full HD 1080 p video, and Ice cream sandwich operating system. If you are on the hunt for a new contract, AT&T is offering a deal to create an account and the phone costs $.01. Just want the phone and have AT&T, $499 for the one of 2013’s best phones.

Buying for a budding photographer? The Nikon D3100 has a 14.2 megapixel DX-format, 3 inch monitor, 1080p HD cinematic video, and more. From portraits to scenery this camera will make your photos beautiful. Marked down from $649 to $476, this camera will last a lifetime.

For your gamer friends or kids Diablo III is the latest in the Diablo computer game series. Eleven years after the second, Diablo III is back on a level that soars above the first two. With one-on-one dueling, in-game gold, and brand new warriors, Diablo III is great for those who are new to playing  games, or even if they haven’t played in the past ten years!  Get Diablo III for $54

Looking for a tablet to complete your set of electronics? The Motorola XOOM Android Tablet is complete with Android 3.1, a 5-megapixel camera, and 10 inch screen. The Xoom was the winner of the Best of Show award in 2011, this is the tablet with everything you want…and need. Save $160 for only $339. 


*Stocking Stuffer*

Don’t know which game or device to buy? A Best Buy gift card is always a good way to play it safe.

5. For the Outdoorsy People and the Sports Fanatics:

Whether they’re the biggest fan or jock of your group these outdoor friendly toys are great for Outdoors and Sports fanatics.

While many of our friends may be the best football, basketball, or soccer star in your group…sometimes we forget about our friends who have an adoration for more chill sports. The Anywhere Table Tennis set is great for those who actually love ping pong, or maybe friends who always have people hanging out on the patio. It’s a fun kit for only $21.


With basketball in full swing, there is no reason to stress about what to get the MVP of the high school team. This Amazon page is full of basketballs, hoops, clothing, and more. You can even get an item from their favorite team.

From surfing to snorkeling wetsuits are in order. Amazon has all types of Henderson wetsuits and boots on sale. Don’t be afraid the water is too cold…get a suit!


For your friends who are avid hikers, bikers, or even walkers, the Camelbak HydroBak 50 oz is great for any outdoor activity. Along with the straw from the back, it is reflective, can carry your wallet and phone, and 50 ounces of water. This outdoor activity must have is $40.


Is your grandson a die-hard fan to his football team? Amazon has created a fan shop with everything under the sun from basketball, football, and more. Find the perfect gift for the crazed and obsessed fan.



*Stocking Stuffer*


Be sure your friends are always hydrated with this BPA Free Nalgene.

6. For the Foodie:

Our foodie friends are some of our warmest and most adored people in our lives. Instead of getting another soup cookbook, get them a tool in the kitchen they have been lusting after. They may even whip something up just for you!

For these cold winter months a crock-pot is essential for those warm, home-cooked meals. The Crock-Pot SCVT650 holds 6 ½ quarts and is stainless steel. The crock and lid are dishwasher safe and have a programmable cook time, so your loved one never needs to run home to make sure they turn it off. Save $40 and get it for $79 this week.

From the best blender brand, the Oster 6706 can held 6 cups of liquid, has 10 speeds and an ice crusher blade. Made with metal this blender is longer lasting and can handle many whole fruits and vegetables. 63% off the blender is one of the best deals for $24.99.


We’ve all seen the infomercials, and deep down we know we want one too. The FoodSaver V3240 is the perfect money, space, and food saver. With a new smaller design, it’s not too clunky and is perfect to leave out on your counter. Choose the speed, the food, and seal! Save food for five times longer than your average Ziploc. Save your money with 29% off for $40.

Just in time for holiday cooking, the Oster 2500 is the hand mixer of your dreams. With 5 speed settings, whip your dough and batters perfectly. Hate having to pull off the beaters? This mixer has an eject button so you never get your hands dirty! For $23 you can buy some extra sugar, flour, and eggs.


If you’ve been waiting for prices to drop on those KitchenAid Stand Mixers of your dreams, now is your chance. The perfect gift for a baker who has yet to discover the easiness with a KitchenAid can now use the KSM75WH which holds 4 ½ quarts in a stainless steel bowl. This one deal you can’t pass up for $229 and a savings of 23%.


For your steak lover friends or husband, the Wusthof Gourmet 4 piece Steak Knife Set is the perfect complement to steak and potatoes. Modern, sleek, and sharp knives are what Wusthof aims to create. Normally priced at $100 this set is now 50% off for $49.

*Stocking Stuffer*

Throw in these pretty wine stoppers for your wine collecting friends.

7. For the iObsessed:

They’re everywhere and know everything about the Apple World. Get your iObsessed friends a new gadget to go with their favorite iToy this holiday season.

Do you know someone who continuously drops their iPhone and is on the brink of cracking it in half? The Otterbox, one of the most popular of iPhone cases is now more than 50% off for only $22. Functions still work such as the speaker, microphone, and camera. The “three layers of defense” are what keeps the iPhone going. This is one box I would keep this holiday season.


iPhone cases and covers are important to any iPhone user. Whether it’s a sleek black cover or hot pink and bejeweled, the case says something about that person. Look through Amazon’s page of cases and covers for the perfect fit!


Whether it’s for you, your grandmother, or your thirteen year old, the iPhone is the it phone. With thousands of apps, easy to use features, and of course the camera and iTunes playlist, the iPhone is everything your previous phone wanted to be and more. Check out the deals on the iPhones on Amazon.



The iPad 2 is now Wi-fi and 3G capable. Looking for more storage? The iPad 2 can now store 16, 32, and 64 GB of memory. Weighing in at 1.3 pounds this tablet is $419

*Stocking Stuffer*

Finding a car charger for your iPhone and iTouch is normally pretty expensive when walking through the Apple Store. Amazon has a special 49% off for $10. Perk-the cord is 6 feet long so you’ll be able to speak comfortably…even in the back of your car.

8. For the Health Nut:

For our fitness fiend friends the options are endless. From kitchen finds to the latest workout equipment, health enthusiasts everywhere will love holidays this year.

The microwavable ceramic portion controlled bowls are not only measuring devices, but also pretty, and discreet. Eat your way healthy this year with the measurements on the inside of the bowl. A set of 4 is only $19.99.

Many yogis are looking for ways to practice even on the go. These yoga paws bring yoga to a whole other level. For $39 get yoga paws for hands and feet with the material of a yoga mat. Yoga whenever and wherever you want is now possible.

Juicing is one of the year’s secrets to successful weight loss. The Breville BJE200XL can juice anything from whole fruit to carrots in seconds. Priced at $99 you can juice anything you want-and it’s dishwasher safe.

For the avid runner, a sport watch that can monitor heart rate and distances is a must-have. The Garmin Forerunner 405 is marked down from $299 to $189. The monitors measure your time, distance, pace, calories and heart rate, the wireless platform sends data to your computer and more. Race against your previous times or a virtual workout partner. This is one of the best sales of the season.

The Wii just got wiiii better. The Wii Fit Plus now has a balance board for better calculations. Select a target area to improve and choose different activities for each day. For $92 this can be their new personal trainer!

*Stocking Stuffer*

If keeping your hair back for a run seems like a struggle the Sweaty Bands are a perfect solution. Get 2 in a variety of colors for $27. A resistance band is a great workout tool and in bright colors for $5 it may make that circuit a little easier.

9. For the Book Worm:

Many of us have friends or spouses who just can’t get enough of their books. Surprise them this season with a new kindle cover, book, or even a way for them to get kindle credit!

The new Kindle Fire HD 8.9  is the closet tablet to the iPad. It’s lighter, has the same amount of memory, a camera, and for an extra fee supports cellular service! And of course is the e-reader we see on the subways, cafes, and everywhere else. Order this week for only $299.


A kindle cover is the perfect way to spruce up any kindle. With four colors to choose from and $10 off, this Marware Atlas cover for $19 is the perfect gift for the kindle user.

If you’ve decided that the nook is your e-reader of choice, Amazon  is still bringing great deals. Marked down from $249 the Nook Color is a steep buy at $143. With over 2 million titles to choose from and in full color.

One of the year’s bestseller’s, Life of Pi, is about to be launched as a movie. Read the book before it becomes a major motion picture film for half price at $8.

*Stocking Stuffers*

For those special books that pages shouldn’t be bent…a bookmark is most definitely needed. This “Keep Calm and Carry On” bookmark will resonate with just about anyone in the year of Keep calm and… sayings. Don’t want to pick a book for your friends? Buy amazon credit so they can choose their own Kindle book.


10. For The Couch Potato:

Whether they consider themselves movie critics or just love weekends catching up on their shows, couch potatoes need some love too. Get them the latest DVD sets or even a new TV to watch all of their favorite shows.

All the way from The Capitol, The Hunger Games 2 disc DVD is the movie for the whole family to watch this holiday vacation. A special 68% off brings the first movie of the trilogy to $9.99

Most of America agrees with me that Homeland is currently one of the best series on television currently. Relive the first season for $19.99 and enjoy every breath-holding moment that this show has to offer.

Our favorite caped crusader, Batman, has officially come to a close. Own the three movies, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and this summer’s blockbuster hit, The Dark Knight Rises all for $29.96 I think Batman worked extra hard to get such great prices this “Black Friday”.

Looking for a new centerpiece in your living room? A Vizio 3D LCD HDTV that includes internet apps and comes at a whopping 47 inches and was originally priced at $899 is only $598. Now, that’s the way to watch the ball drop this New Year’s Eve.

The Sony Blu-Ray Player with Wi-fi and an HDMI cord is marked down 31% this week for $89. It’s the latest way to watch your Blu-Rays and stream to Netflix, Hulu, and more.


Say goodbye to clunky DVD players. The sleek, thin Toshiba SD4300 is only $33. Want to show pictures at your holiday party? The DVD player has a JPEG photo viewer to bring your photos to the big screen.

The ultimate movie watching tool comes down to how comfortable you are. A ten motor massage cushion with heat will make your viewing experience inexplicably better. With 10 motors covering your neck, back, thighs and more, this cushion does it all. Have a long trip on the road…take it with you! Marked down 60% this must have cushion is $37.

*Stocking Stuffer*

Throw in a gourmet popcorn set for $19 or a $25 giftcard to the theater for the movie buff that owns every film.


While many people enjoy the excitement of waiting outside in the cold at midnight, we hope you can find some great gifts from our friends at Amazon. Happy holidays, and happy shopping!


Enjoy our list and happy shopping!

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