Top 50 Best Websites: What’s New In 2012

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Welcome to the ultimate list of new, cool websites 2012!

All My Faves is all about discovering new, cool websites:

Every Monday we send 10 new ones your way… And these gems are the top 50 best websites out of our weekly faves SO FAR in 2012. So if you want to be the ultimate fountain of encyclopedic knowledge on cool websites among your friends, you’re in the right place!

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 Top 50 Best New Websites 2012



Ever wanted to take a stand about the best and worst people, places, things and ideas? Visit Amen, the place to create and share opinions about the extra ordinary things in life and get an “Amen” or a “Hell No!” for any random opinion you have!

Best Websites 2012:



Switchcam ‘groupsources’ entire concerts and DJ sets, powered by fan footage and presented from multiple angles and puts them into awesome song-by-song video playlists for any concert, for any artist.

Best Websites 2012:



There’s so much video content floating around the Internet that it’s really easy to miss a heck of a lot of good stuff! The solution? Frequency, a real-time social platform that brings you the best video content from a variety of your favorite channels from across the web.

Best Websites 2012:



GiftRocket is the personalized giftcard of the future: it’s a money transfer from you to a friend or loved one that they can receive straight into their bank account, PayPal or as a check in the mail.

Best Websites 2012:



TourWrist is at the forefront of a new type of photography: dynamic, virtual, 360 degree panoramas, shot on your smartphone or iPad.  Share with the world whenever you want!

Best Websites 2012:



Do you want your next party to have a great theme, and be mostly paid for by a famous brand? Apply to to host a memorable, brand-sponsored house party, complete with a bumper party pack filled with free goodies from that brand to make your event awesome.

Best Websites 2012:



A great website to discover new video based on both yours and your friends’ interests. Follow a few suggested users based on your interests and view cool videos either from a stream of all these users put together, or by clicking on any user’s individual feed.

Best Websites 2012:


The Fancy

TheFancy is a “part store, blog, magazine” website that offers a whole catalog of great pictures and products to ‘fancy’, share and in some cases even purchase. A website kinda like Pinterest, everything is either for sale or simply a treat for your eyes.

Best Websites 2012:



Dare we say this, but Loudlee might actually be better than Youtube for listening to music! Loudlee has basically categorized all the music on Youtube into artist by artist libraries, which you can add to your own personalized iTunes-like library of your music favorites. It’s social too. Exciting stuff!

Best Websites 2012:


Small Demons

Be whisked into the ‘Storyverse’ with Small Demons. This lovely website aims to bring your favorite books to life: In a growing literary encyclopedia, it’s categorizing and visualizing those cool places, people and products from real life mentioned in your favorite books.

Best Websites 2012:


Grub With Us

Dinner’s never been more sociable than this… Grub With Us lets you join random strangers in a prepaid group meal at great restaurants in your area. Could work really well for networking with potential business contacts, or just for making new friends!

 Best Websites 2012:



Cowbird is a different type of social network… for when 140 characters just isn’t enough. It’ s a never ending web of online storytellers, linked almost magically by the subjects of their stories: the people, places and themes they evoke.

Best Websites 2012:



This website turns the standard CV into attractive and appealing visualizations of your professional self. Resumup takes resumes to the next level for both employers and candidates: you can attract each other with an eye catching visual resume for either yourself or your company on Resumup. Worth a try!

Best Websites 2012:



On  Hubii you can read any news story from any source in the World, simply by choosing it from a Google-style map. This cool news website gives a much better variety and sense of perspective, as you select stories from a variety of different sources from the World map.

Best Websites 2012:



The web is full of travel websites that try to lure users into the dream of authentic travel experiences, but Gidsy is really out there doing it. Now you can travel like a local, with locals, taking guided tours and activities only they know of, in their home town. Or you can earn money on the weekend as a local tour guide or activity leader too!

Best Websites 2012:



Pocket (previously known as Read It Later) brings you the joy of running into things you once found online and wanted to go back to. It lets you save anything you want to read or look at for later, on any device: images, videos and articles on your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or Kindle Fire.

Best Websites 2012:



Coursera is the opportunity to access the world class education without leaving your home. It provides the technology to participate in a global community of students with interactive online courses, led by some of the World’s top professors.

Best Websites 2012:



Dayzipping is a new site that lets you find and share the best day trips in the best cities, including Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco, among other American cities.  Turn your own city exploration into a more exciting experience one day at a time.

Best Websites 2012:



Piccsy is a visual delight! It’s a Google Images-like image search engine, but just for cool pics. Like Pinterest, you can have Piccsy tailored specifically towards your tastes – it streams images that match your interests giving you the power to customize your own scrapbook.

Best Websites 2012:



Tidepool is a picture-based, scientifically designed online test: What kind of worker are you? Learn about yourself and the people you relate to in your working environment through a fun assessment.

Best Websites 2012: is Microsoft’s answer to both Google and Facebook! It’s a social search engine. That means you get search results based on what people who search the same things as you actually like. You see the action these people took after receiving the same search results, and and how they continued from there. Interesting!

Best Websites 2012:


When it comes to transferring files, WeTransfer is the fastest, easiest way to send files across the web to your friends. Size no longer matters:  Whether its photos, videos, music, presentations, documents or any other form of files you can think of, you can transfer – quickly – up to 2GB of stuff.

Best Websites 2012:


Before I Die I Want To

A website all about the intriguing question asked by Polaroid photographer Nicole Kenney to random people: “What do you want to do before you die?” She asks folks in the USA, India and a hospice for terminally ill people. As a website it proposes an artistic way to achieve a lifetime goal: a motivational library of human experiences and wishes presented in Polaroid pictures.

Best Websites 2012:



Gentlemint is a social bookmarking tool currently being lauded across the tech media as the Pinterest for men. Gentlemint allows its predominantly male users to take cool images and interesting articles from across the web and add them to their “mint of manly stuff”, which is basically an online, male-oriented pinboard of awesome stuff.

Best Websites 2012:



Unsubscribr is a tool that scans your mail for bulk, junk, offers and daily deals emails. Probably the easiest way to clean your inbox of annoying bulk & junk email!

Best Websites 2012: is a Pinterest-like visual search engine for wedding ideas & a cloud wedding planning service. By using the and buttons you can save all your discoveries and ideas in one, easy place.

Best Websites 2012:

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Re.Vu aims to revolutionize the way we can help employers and clients discover us: ReVu makes it easy to create a beautiful visual resume, stuffed full with pictures, info-graphics and timelines.

Best Websites 2012: is a free online video conferencing suite that’s completely private. It makes online meetings both easy, and dare we say it, fun! You can video chat like on Skype or Google Hangout but in a private, quick and free of download way.

Best Websites 2012:



Jetsetter is a community of travelers that provides members with “insider access, expert knowledge and exclusive deals on the world’s greatest vacations”. It’s all about places we’ve been, loved and would go to again.

Best Websites 2012:



UrbanSitter provides a location-based babysitter marketplace, using Facebook recommendations, so you can use your friends to find only the most trusted babysitters in your area.

Best Websites 2012:



Twimbow is a really interesting – and useful – Twitter client for all you Twitterati readers out there! With an extravagant flash of rainbow colors, Twimbow helps you to sort Twitter’s information overload into bites of the things that really interest you.

Best Websites 2012:



Founded by actress/musician Zooey Deschanel, producer Sophia Rossi and writer/Internet Sensation Molly McAleer, Hello Giggles a beautifully designed blog with a fun mixture of viral stuff, fun lists, advice posts, and an awful lot more…

Best Websites 2012:



More than just a simple video call, Rounds recognizes that when you’re on Facebook, you’re not just interested in simply talking.This website allows you to video chat to your friends on Facebook, and at the same time, share a mini-window allowing you to co-browse all those things together.

Best Websites 2012: Rounds Video Chat App for Facebook



Wondermind is a beautifully crafted, interactive video and game program that teaches kids (and big kids too) about how the brain works. It slickly combines the science behind the brain with a mini Alice in Wonderland themed world of minigames, quizzes and videos.

Best Websites 2012: Wondermind, by Tate Kids



Broodr is not just another trade site. Broodr lets out the inner geek in you, in an online marketplace of unique, exciting and utterly awesome products. You can buy and sell anything on Broodr, as long as it’s cool.

Best Websites 2012:



Fab’s in-demand service is packed full of rather beautifully designed items, with crazy discounts – some sales are up to 70% off retail prices! Help that design freak in you screaming to come out.

Best Websites 2012:



Famigo is a website that helps you find the top family oriented games and apps on every device for you. It determines not the overall quality of the game/app but also… ease of use, educational value, level of entertainment, family-friendliness and appropriateness for all ages.

Best Websites 2012:



Sortable provides a tool that creates a very personalized comparison of the best camera, phone, laptop or TV for your requirements. This is an absolute gem of an electronics comparison site!

Best Websites 2012:


Good Films

GoodFilms is an innovative, new way to rate & discover films to watch tonight. It takes into account two crucial factors in rating a film. The first is how critics would like it. The second is how you would like it. How ‘rewatchable’ is the film? Good Films makes the decision making process in picking your next movie much more fun (and logical!).

Best Websites 2012:



How can I be sure that booking an hotel two months earlier will be the best deal once I get there? Tingo is a vacation booking website with an innovative approach to this: If the price of your vacation drops after you purchase it on Tingo, you get the money back. If the price goes up, you’ve already locked in an awesome price!

Best Websites 2012:



Shoptiques is a whole new experience in personalized online shopping, with the most unique and fashion-forward inventory from the best local boutiques. All of this offered from the comfort of your computer.

Best Websites 2012:



Foodie is a social network for food lovers that currently works as a sort of interactive food magazine: you can browse delicious looking pictures of new and exciting recipes, as well as follow the world’s greatest chefs for insights and tips. That’s why this website is the new social network for food lovers.

Best Websites 2012:


Nerve Dating

It’s getting more and more socially acceptable to use the internet to find flings, dates, love and marriage. Nerve Dating has taken note of this: It’s a dating website that feels more like a fun social network for new ‘friends’.

Best Websites 2012:



With a continuous stream of posts highlighting new, interesting things related to anything art or design, Colossal is “a blog that explores the intersection of art, design, and physical craft“. From photography to paintings to street art to architecture, there’s something for the connoisseur hiding in all of us!

Best Websites 2012:



By offering the first truly social gadgets site, Curisma helps you discover tons of top gadgets you didn’t even think you might be interested in by following people of similar taste.

Best Websites 2012:



Taking advantage of insider guides, comprehensive listings and mobile apps, Unlike is an innovative city guide website to help you discover some of the most popular cities around the world. Create personalized listings of the places you discover and tip off your friends by sharing personal recommendations

Best Websites 2012:


Visual News

The Visual News is an online art & design project that brings together the best visual artists to represent what’s going on in the world visually… From a painting with a twist, an amazing photo, a cool design infographic or even a 3D graffiti project, this site is Literally the cure for for Eyeball Boredom

Best Websites 2012:



Lendle is to Kindle eBooks what libraries and book clubs are to actual paper books: It’s a free, social eBook library community, where you can borrow, lend and share Kindle eBooks. A great way to both discover & read new titles, and share your collection in return for Amazon vouchers!

Best Websites 2012:



Picmonkey is a genius piece of photo editing software: it’s easy, free (for now) and fun. Simply take any photo from your computer that allows you to drag any photo to the Picmonkey online editor and give it the extra bit of sparkle it needs before you upload it to Facebook!

Best Websites 2012:


Well that’s it, bear in mind this list was in no particular order. All these websites are awesome and deserve their listing as one of the top 50 best new websites 2012. But have we missed anything? Let us know!

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