All My Faves goes Blogging!

Posted on Sunday, April 1st, 2007 by

allmyfaves logoSince AllMyFaves was launched two months ago, we have been receiving great reviews and comments about the concept, the simplicity, the diverse categories and overall the fact that one can find almost everything needed in just one place.

As the weeks went by and Weekly Faves got more and more popular, we decided to take Weekly Faves one step forward. People love Weekly Faves, we love people, why not give the people more Weekly Faves! What is a better way to do that if not by opening a blog! Sharing with you our casual ramblings about the best (or as we call it “Creme de La Creme“) of the Internet.

Any newbie can understand that the Internet is pretty much overwhelming. So much information and so little time to spare. How can one enjoy the Internet to its fullest? Weekly Faves is definitely a great way to find new and interesting websites.

At AllMyFaves, we feel obligated to bringing you the most interesting and refreshing information you can find on the Internet. We hope you enjoy your stay. Make sure to subscribe to the RSS Feed on your way out.

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