A Day In The Life: Working For All My Faves

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My first year working for All My Faves has been quite the experience. From the day I first arrived as a wide eyed intern to the day I’m writing this now as editor, I’ve learned so much about the Internet world, and loved every second… Here’s why!



AllMyFaves: My Internship

I first found All My Faves through an internship program to fill my year off in between law school and starting full time law, believe it or not! Looking for something that would teach me about the Internet, marketing, writing, business development, I felt the best place to learn would be in a start-up… And boy did I get lucky to come here!

AllMyFaves is a place where the more you put in, the more you get out: If you have the ability, imagination and the desire to learn, you really can make a difference!

Shachar and Roy (the AllMyFaves co-founders) made me feel right at home from day one, teaching me everything from how all those logos you see on your homepage magically appear, to gently pushing me into taking over this blog and all our social media! After 3 months of learning the ropes, they hired me full time as editor and content manager, and we’ve never looked back.

AllMyFaves: The HQ

We’ve got a really great HQ at AllMyFaves – it’s a cute, little office located in the center of the buzzing Tel Aviv, which has a vibrant start-up scene. In a lot of ways our office feels a bit like a home! Above anything else, it’s got a massive TV, which we use to play soccer, tennis and ninja games on the Nintendo Wii, in case we need a break from hunting down the best of the web…


AllMyFaves: The Working Environment

AllMyFaves really is a fun place to work – we all go out for lunch together every day (Tel Aviv has a great culinary scene, with lots of  fun, cheap eats with lunch deals!); we all get quite competitive on the Wii… yes Shachar even me!; and we all celebrate each others’ birthdays with amazing cakes from the local bakery.

AllMyFaves: What we’re working on now!

Having been a full time AllMyFaves employee for a while now, I can tell you that every day we’re working on something new: My jobs have been incredible wide ranging:

I’ve worked on everything from overhauling the blog with a shiny, new redesign (what do you think by the way!?), running our social media (yes those pictures are being posted by me, Facebook fans!), to updating allmyfaves.com and allmyfaves.co.uk with shiny new logos and better websites and content!

The next big thing we’re working on is mobile. AllMyFaves Mobile is already available – just try typing either allmyfaves.com or your personal bookmarks account address (mine is allmyfaves.com/dannyjdavies) into your tablet or smartphone’s browser. You’ll love the results, and this is just the start! Over the coming months and years, you’ll see All My Faves go social, even more mobile friendly, and maybe even an app for iPhones and iPads.

 Bottom Line

Bottom line, I love working at All My Faves. It has taught me so much about what’s good and what’s not on the Internet; about being social online and about how things go down in dynamic, young start-ups like this one.

If you want to stay in touch with me, catch me on my Twitter, or on the All My Faves Facebook and Twitter – I hang out there too 🙂

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