Animagraffs: Infographics By Jacob O’Neal

Animagraffs - Infographics By Jacob O'NealAnimagraffs are the animated infographics created by Jacob O’Neal and hosted on his site.

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Vizify: The Amazing Interactive, Infographic Profile Page… All About You!

For those among you that want something a little more extensive than About.Me to showcase the best of yourself online… Vizify really is a beautiful, infographic profile you need to try out!

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From 3D Graffiti to Innovation Infographics: This Is The Visual News

The Visual News is an online art & design project that brings together the best visual artists to represent what’s going on in the world visually… and give you something fun to look at when you’re bored!

Continue Reading → – Celebrating the Powerful Insights and Creativity of Infographics – Focused on the field of data visualizations, collects “the best examples on the web and gathered them for you to reference, share, and enjoy.” You will find here insightful multi-colored infographics and visualized maps. The site also welcomes visual arts professionals seeking to showcase their own designed inforgraphics.

To explore the visual wonders on this site, go to View the Showcase, and if you’d like to share your own designs then sign in, and hit Submit Infographics. Another special perk that will soon be available on is their labs, the place where infographic magic happens (and created) by site visitors. And since infographics is the topic in question, why not share one with you? There you go.

The Most Dangerous Species in the Mediterranean, published by Agencia Catalana.


Conventional Data Info is Boring. Make Way for the Infographic

The digital age has brought us numerous life-enhancing benefits. Some of the most obvious include super fast communication regardless of geographic location, social networks and virtual communities, and online shopping, just to name a few. But in terms of information consumption, there’s an interesting shift worth noting. I am referring to the infographic, the visually pleasing crossbreed between information and graphics that makes complex concepts, statistics and processes much easier to digest when compared to plain text-and-number info. Here at All My Faves we’ve already featured a few infographic sources, and we also have a special Infographics Mini Faves page for it.

So what makes infographics so different from charts and graphs, you might ask. These, too, serve as visual aids that facilitate data analysis and comprehension, right? Well, as Cool Infographics creator and Inforgraphic Designer Randy Krum explains, “Charts and graphs can communicate data; infographics turn data into information.”  The bottom line characteristic of infographics distinguishing it from conventional data information is this: readers of infographics not merely acknowledge changes of statistics and data; they get the bigger picture fast and understand why these changes occurred in the first place.

Let’s dive right into the visuals and you will see why inforgraphics are making a steadfast appearance all over the Web (not to mention in major news websites and newspapers’ printed editions such as the NY Times). The first example is “The 10 Most Expensive Cities to Live In 2010” infographic by the Australian brokerage company, HomeLoanFinder.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities to Live in 2010

Another great infographic example is this one below, showing the Rise of Walking and Biking, from 1990 to 2009 (source: Department of Transportation, appeared in GOOD Magazine, Jun 24, 2010). Click the image to launch the interactive infographic.

This third one is a knock-out, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Created by the talented team over at Information is Beautiful, Visualizing Bloodtests is the ultimate data-into-info example, and there’s no wonder why this visualization scored the 1st place in Wired Mag’s re-envisioning medical data design competition.

A standard bloodtest data document. Almost impossible to fully comprehend what’s going on there. and this is crucial to someones’ life!

Now see the magic of infographics (thanks to Information is Beautiful), turning the uncomprehensible document from above to an easy to digest content:

To wrap things up, see this interesting video talking about the use of infographics in the New York Times (via GestaltenTV).

Daily Infographic – The Visual Revolution is Here

Daily Infographic -The sharp rise of infogrpahics (short for information graphics) attests to the growing trend of consuming complicated data in a visual way, which makes the understanding part both fast and more memorable, as opposed to simple numerical statistics. Infographics are particular handy when it comes to complex processes (such as financial, geo-political scenarios, etc.). Daily Infographic vows to post an interesting infographic every day, and they certainly keep that promise.

What kind of infographics will you find on this Weekly Blog winner? See the two interesting posts below, 16 Facts About Sleep and Colors of the Web. Enjoy.

Nova: Science for Curious Minds

NovaLet your curiosity get the better of you with Nova.

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Nasa: Global Climate Change

Global Climate ChangeClimate change is a huge issue in the world today, but it’s hard to know everything or even understand it. NASA’s site dedicated to climate change and global warming helps everyone understand these major problems a little more.

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Top 101 Cool Websites and Apps: What’s Interesting So Far In 2015

101COVERBEHOLD! Below are the best websites so far in 2015. On this list you’ll find only the coolest websites on the Internet! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the best cool websites on the Web!

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The Top 5 Websites for Creating a Standout Resume

bigstock-Resume-concept-in-word-tag-clo-36378274These top 5 websites for creating a standout resume contain resume templates as well as important tips about what information you should be sure to include. They will ultimately assist an individual in obtaining their dream job.

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