Airtable: Organize Anything

AirtableWe do so much in our lives, that it’s hard to keep everything organized. This problem may have just been solved with Airtable.

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Frame.ioWorking in groups can be easy if you’re in the same place, but when you’re all spread out, it’s not so easy to work together. is┬ámaking it easier for groups everywhere to get work done.

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Slides: Make Presentations Together Online

SlidesGiving a presentation can be a process all in its’ own, but making it shouldn’t have to be. Slides is the easiest way to put together a presentation you’ll be proud of.

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Joy: Your Whole Wedding in One Place

JoyPlanning a wedding is stressful, but now there is finally a place that will help you through all of it and keep you organized. Joy is a website and app that does it all for you.

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Cofounders Lab: Meet Fellow Entrepreneurs

Cofounders LabIt seems that every type of business person belongs to a social site to connect with others, and finally entrepreneurs do to. Cofounders Lab is the site for you, if you’re an entrepreneur.

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GoGoGrandparent: Uber for Folks without Smartphones

GoGoGrandparentEven though pretty much everyone has a smartphone these days, many who are part of an older generation don’t. GoGoGrandparent is catering to those who don’t.

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TinyCards: Flashcards by Duolingo

TinyCardsFlashcards are the perfect study buddy when it comes to memorizing information. But they aren’t the most fun, until you start using TinyCards.

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Shine: Daily Texts for Self-Fulfillment

ShineSometimes it’s hard to get your day going, but make getting up a little easier with Shine.

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Soon: Your Everyday Bucketlist

SoonLife is filled with things we want to do and accomplish, so keep everything organized with Soon.

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LingvoWe spend ours watching our favorite shows on Netflix, so why not do something productive while doing it? Lingvo is the perfect mix of lazy and learning.

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The Habit List: Build a Better You

Habit ListHabit List is everything you need to reach your goals and more.

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The Rock Clock: Get Up and After It

The Rock ClockDwayne “The Rock” Johnson is ready to help you start your day and get going with The Rock Clock.

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