Boss As A Service: Hire A Boss To Keep Yourself Accountable

Boss As A Service lets you hire a boss to ensure you’re consistently being productive.

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iA Writer: Plain Text Writer and Editor

iA Writer aims to “provide the best writing experience on Mac OS, iOS, and Android.”

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Packwire: Create Your Custom Box

Packwire lets you design and order custom boxes.

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SpreadShare: Find and Share Spreadsheets

Explore community-curated spreadsheets for startups and professionals on SpreadShare.

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Bear: Write Beautifully

BearYou may be a writer or someone who writes a lot down. But whatever you write, write it down with Bear.

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Indie Hackers: How Developers are Writing Their Own Checks

Indie HackerYou’re lucky if you made it big as a founder of something, but don’t forget to share you wealth of knowledge. Do it with Indie Hackers.

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Paperworks: All Your Receipts in One Place

PaperworksWe get receipts for everything, and somehow they all end up at the bottom of our bags or lost forever. Finally Paperworks is the solution we’ve been looking for when it comes to receipts.

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Airtable: Organize Anything

AirtableWe do so much in our lives, that it’s hard to keep everything organized. This problem may have just been solved with Airtable.

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Frame.ioWorking in groups can be easy if you’re in the same place, but when you’re all spread out, it’s not so easy to work together. is┬ámaking it easier for groups everywhere to get work done.

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Slides: Make Presentations Together Online

SlidesGiving a presentation can be a process all in its’ own, but making it shouldn’t have to be. Slides is the easiest way to put together a presentation you’ll be proud of.

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