Culture Pop: Arts & Culture Videos

Culture PopIf you’re a pop culture junkie and you stay up to date with every day, CulturePop is the place to keep up with the pop culture news of the day.

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Chosen: Create & Share Performances

ChosenEver have the moments where you wished you captured yourself doing something awesome? Now you can, and share them with Chosen.

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WeDemand: Demand Artists In Your City

WeDemandDemand a show from your favorite artists on WeDemand and don’t wait for months to see a show.

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Brownbook: An Urban Guide to the Middle East

BrownbookBrownbook shows that there is more to the Middle East than what we see on the news.

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Visual Beat: An Interactive Music Video

Visual BeatYou’re in control when you use a device with a touch screen, but with Visual Beat you’re interacting with the program.

Continue Reading → Improve Focus, Relaxation, and Sleep

Brain.fmIf we can improve our focus, relaxation, and sleep habits, life can be a lot better. is here to help.

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Jeff Buckley: Just Like A Woman Interactive Music Video

Just Like A WomanJeff Buckley’s recording of Bob Dylan’s “Just Like A Woman” is featured through an interactive music video making the listening process completely different.

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Splice: Music Collaboration Made Simple

SpliceCreating music, sharing it and collaborating with others has never been easier than with Splice.

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Incredibox: Express Your Musicality

IncrediboxBe your own DJ and create a killer mix with Incredibox.

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Chrome Music Lab: Explore How Music Works

Chrome Music LabNo matter how old you are or the level of experience you have with music, Chrome Music Lab gives the opportunity for everyone to learn how music works.

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