The Top 10 Coolest Websites: Best of 2011

Well folks, happy new year. In a blaze of fireworks and e-greetings, 2012 has finally arrived. And as we stride over the finishing line of a tumultuous year for the internet, All My Faves – your one stop easy guide to the Web – has decided to look past Facebook and Twitter to find 2011’s most unique and interesting sites. We selected the 10 coolest sites in categories like music, travel and education; and then handed the job of picking the absolute best in each category down to you, allowing you to vote on your favorites. And here they are. Ladies and gents, never mind Facebook, here’s our review of the Best of the Web in 2011.

1. Most Useful Internet Tool – I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “The Age of Austerity” being bandied around by media commentators this year. We’re embarking on an age of penny pinching and bargain hunting. And has positioned itself perfectly with the times. It’s a website and a free iPhone app that helps you make those big electronics purchases at the right price at the right time.

In other words, uses clever prediction algorithms to warn you if the price of any given electrical product is about to drop, increase, stay the same, or if a new model  is about to be released. So you’ll know exactly when to buy that camera, laptop, smartphone or plasma TV you’ve been itching to get your hands on. It’s a great tool, and our users agree, voting it one of the coolest websites of the year. Get smart with your gadget purchases by clicking here!

2. Best Internet Music Player

uWall.tvI’m absolutely not surprised that this  beautiful, free online music player was voted by our users as Best Internet Music Service of the Year. It’s basically an interactive wall of Youtube video playlists featuring the most popular artists and bands of all time. And it’s really simple to use, as well as being great to look at.

You either click on the picture of an artist you like, or search for them in the box provided if you can’t find what you’re looking for on the wall. And then you watch a nicely curated playlist of their music videos from Youtube. Click here to get listening on 2011’s coolest free online music player!

3. Best Education Site

Grovo – 2011 brought us tons of amazing new sites and saw many others grow incredibly fast (Twitter being the prime example). But for the average person using the Internet, most of these sites at often inaccessible (or just downright annoying!). And that’s where Grovo – a vibrant hub of online video tutorials – comes to the rescue.

Designed to help you make the most out of sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Ebay and a whole lot more, Grovo is a terrific service. If you sign up for their free, trial version, you can access the majority of their content (including professional video courses for Google Analytics & AdWords, Facebook Pages & Ads, and Basecamp). For full, unlimited access to Grovo’s courses, they charge $9/month or $99/year. But hey, All My Faves users have voted in their droves to crown their favorite education site of the year, so they would agree that it’s worth every cent! Click here to see if Grovo could help you get to grips with the Internet.

4. Best Site to Browse on Your Coffee Break

What Movie Should I Watch Tonight? The popularity of this site among our users in the 2011 vote tells me one thing: I’m not the only employee who (occasionally…) drifts off at work and thinks about what movie I’m going to watch with my hot chocolate/hot date as soon as I get off work!

WMSIWT is a really, really, simple site. It provides you with random movie trailers, organised by genre (which you select from a drop down list on the left of your screen). And that’s it! So on your next coffee break, click here and enjoy a couple of great movie trailers on ‘What Movie Should I Watch Tonight’.

5. Tastiest Food & Recipes Site – Here’s a site with a nobly delicious concept: to collect the Web’s best recipes in virtually any category you can think of, and to showcase them elegantly with big, juicy pictures, on its homepage. Moreover, Punchfork uses social media channels to find out what’s hot in the cooking world right now, and shares that on the site too. Punchfork’s visual approach is just so much more rewarding and helpful in recipe search online.

I couldn’t have picked a better winner of the All My Faves Tastiest Food & Recipes Site myself. In fact, I’m still positively salivating from having browsed Punchfork’s amazing looking array of visual recipes! If you want to enjoy what so many of our users have been enjoying, click here and find your next dinner with Punchfork.

6. Best Travel Site

UsingMiles – This is a flight and hotel search and booking site with a difference: It’s totally aimed at getting you to use your hard-earned frequent flyer miles and hotel loyalty points alongside your equally hard-earned cash.

In a time when we all really should be trying to squeeze every last bit of value out of our vacations, it’s amazing how many of us waste all the loyalty points and miles we build up (according to UsingMiles, $16 BILLION expire without being used every year!). So UsingMiles’ success is in walking the fine tightrope between spending and saving really well! See how far your miles can get you with UsingMiles by clicking here.

7. Site Most Likely to Improve Your Life

Quirky – Now these guys mean business. Quirky offers a mighty innovative platform where anyone from the global online community can pitch an idea for a practical, life-improving invention, or a radical improvement of an existing product. Quirky handles the actual product development and marketing aspects, which pushes forward amazing ideas and makes them a solid, retailer-sold reality.

Quirky’s framework is so brilliant, they produce a new product every few days, and users are invited to take an active part in products’ development. Depending on their level of participation, contributing community members earn hard cash from the products’ sales in stores. And the best part of Quirky isn’t even that… it’s the Shop, where you can buy many of Quirky’s manufactured products that make life so much easier, induced by people like you and me who shared their great idea. A worthy All My Faves winner. Get inspired on Quirky by clicking here.

8. Most Stylish Website

EatSleepDraw – 2011’s most stylish website is a completely open, free space on the internet for people to submit their art. You’ll find everything from the sublime to the bizarre on there. But either way, it’s totally worth checking out.

Whether you want your art to get found, or to find some great art, click here to browse EatSleepDraw, the All My Faves Most Stylish Site of 2011, as voted for by you clever users.



9. Site Most Likely to Make You Go Wow!

The Museum of Me – Voted as the top site in our “Cool & Wow” category of websites, there’ll already be a lot of you out there who already will agree with me when I say that The Museum of Me is, well, cool and makes you go wow! For those of you who haven’t tried it yet, it’s a quite remarkable visualization of your Facebook account (including friends, photos, Likes, locations and more) into an amazing video tour of museum exhibition all about you.

The end result is commendable and compelling, and you can share it on Facebook of course, as well as upload it in album form to your account and wall. The Museum of Me is a nice visualization of your Facebook account that aims to make your social circles come to life. Have a go by clicking here.

10. Most Interesting iPhone App

Skyview – This is an app worth every cent of the $1.99 it costs. Fresh from its success as being named Education App of the Year in iTunes’ very own review of 2011, the Skyview team can now crack open another bottle of vacuum-packed, Space-friendly Champagne, because they’ve also been voted as our users’ favorite iPhone & iPad app of the year.

Skyview is an amazing little app that uses the awesome ‘augmented reality’ effects on the iPhone and iPad to allow you to walk around with your own virtual planetarium in your hands. Watch your favorite stars and constellations fade in and out of your camera view, search for stars and planets’ current location, and track celestial objects’ path through the skies in a 24 hour period (including satellites and the space station!) Available on the App Store on iTunes, you can learn more about Skyview here.

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  2. Don’t think it matters whether Skyview’s a website or not no? We all got smartphones nowadays! Myself, I’m loving Quirky… definitely buying some of their shiz

  3. Awesome sites man! Yeah Quirky’s cool, but it’s ALL about that uwall tv music player. Added it to my faves page like straight away :)

  4. Can you all, find the “BEST BUTGET”, site with all the bells and whisles, that uses a “Pre-paid visa / master card, that will let us buy on internet without risking getting hacked, etc.
    Or would limit the liability at risk for doing so…?

    A site, that will compare different OBTIONS, that can bundle, for the very least, for a period of 24 months in oder to avoid the traps of promotions. People on tight budgets, need this for free, because there is no support for the average Joe out there and every body knows to many are falling apart, and no one knows what a TRUE good deal is, one that won’t balloon, on ya, after the deal is made, and the budget flies out the window, and the family goes on welfare or worst, can you hear them? And guide them, without the greed, and profit every bank, investor, greeds for…?

    WHERE ARE THOSE SITES? WHERE ARE THOSE APPLICATIONS? THE COMPUTERS ARE GOING BELLY-UP WHEN IT’S NOT WORTH, THE INVESTMENT AND A RETURN ON FINDING LOW PRICE GROCERIES, COUPONS FOR FREE, TELECOMUNICATIONS THAT USE INTRODUCING PROMOS FOR THE COMPANY, AND FAILURE INTO CONTRACT FOR THE FAMILY. Oh, you don’t want to work there or at it, OK too bad, keep the junk up, and computers will be seen as taking the food off the table from the families, and they can’t eat the plastic its made off. And all your electronic gadgets with it, because you didn’t care, until it’s too, late, they hit the poor spot, while in “entertainment” down-spiral. Oh, ya, sure, just down-size, until you find yourself, without a family and in divorce court, saying it’s just financial, ya sure it is,
    but how did that site, web, computer helped you? No, then, WHY DO THE STUPID LOSS OF MONEY? If they can’t help, with your situation, like budgeting yourself out of it…
    One single mom, contracted herself, for 24 months @ 200 dollars a month, and she says,”But dad, the features and the possibilities are awesome.” While, she’s being evicted from her morgaged home. IF YOU DON’T SEE THE CONNECTION, YOU AREN’T MAKING ANY GOOD CONNECTIONS. So, “one”, just one that teaches do this and eat well? No, because it’s all a LIE, of deceit, therefore it will evantually fail, but after how many have been sold on a nothing, type-writter…Oh, please, pass that “round-steak”, boloney sandwich please, w/ A1 sauce.

  5. @mario

    Either you’re the funniest person on the Internet at the moment… or the strangest. Whatever the answer you’re a classic, please keep it up.

    “…computers will be seen as taking the food off the table from the families, and they can’t eat the plastic its made off” … That was my favourite part. Chill dude, life’s too short.

    Anyway, good list. Introduced me to the Decide app, which is appreciated.

  6. Great article and summary thanks. Grovo looks really interesting and you have some good depth to the range of sites canvassed in this article..

  7. Ok, there, ‘Dr’ Art Martin…you’re right, it’s a shame we all aren’t free thinkers such as yourself….i mean, its not like you could have an agenda here,right? Nah, not a ch…..oh wait! I see you too can be an ‘individual’ like Dr Martin by visiting his website and purchasing one of his books or dvds! What a find! Give it a rest, clown… ‘sheep’ people? Right. (Incidentally, for a ‘doctor’ your spelling and grammar is leaving alittle to be desired..Sheepeoeple??really?). Well played, sir.

  8. Well whatever this so called Doctor Martin says, why would we NOT want to find these websites?! Clearly the allmyfaves guys found stuff none of us lot had found before, and now we’re pretty happy writing about them and sharing them with our friends!

    Anyway. Ranting over with. I LOVE Quirky! And Uwall! And the Movie one! And Decide!

    Great list thanks All My Faves!!!!

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  11. Truly a great and useful piece of information. I am happy that you shared this helpful info with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  12. I have never heard of ANY of these sites! Too bad our web filters won’t let me view them at work….but I’ll DEF check them out at home tonight! ESPECIALLY EATSLEEP DRAW!!!

    Thanks for the article!

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